The Infatuation | Review

“From the outside, the Nook cafe in Russian Hill seems like a very conservative choice. Outdoor tables, a chill vibe, no strobe lights, potted plants. It’s a safe space. But when you get inside, they do something completely insane. They serve granola with milk AND yogurt. In the same bowl. Would you serve a gin AND vodka martini? A ham and cheese AND chocolate croissant? No.Besides the brief psychotic granola break, Nook is a solidly on-price, reliable neighborhood hang in Russian Hill for breakfast, lunch, and happy hour. It’s easy, it’s never too crowded, and it has a comfortable, homey vibe. So homey they store all their cleaning products in the bathroom. Russian Hill locals swear by this spot, but over the past few years, it’s felt like the food has declined a bit. Or maybe the rest of the food in San Francisco has just gotten better. Either way, we still end up popping in to Nook to grab breakfast, an early dinner, or happy hour from time to time. While they have their slip-ups – the occasional cold oatmeal an out of proportion bread-to- filling ratio on some sandwiches, Nook delivers on coffee, granola (when ordered correctly) bagels, and generally good quick yet classy eats. It’s also surprisingly affordable in a generally pricey neighborhood. Especially the happy hour. $1.50 PBR? Where are we, Milwaukee?The free wifi on weekdays is clutch, and Nook also stocks a solid case of pastries, a lot of them gluten-free. On a nice day, it’s pretty ideal to grab an outdoor table, watch the cable cars cruise by and pretend to be a tourist.”Read the full article at 7×